Masai Mara National Park

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The Masai Mara National Park is one of the best known and most popular reserves in Kenya beating the likes of Lake Nakuru national park, Samburu, Aberdares and even Amboseli. If you are Looking to go on a Kenya safari, then a safari that includes or is exclusively a masai mara safari is a great choice.

Simply put, it is one of the best destinations in Kenya for viewing wildlife – and lots of it! With its rolling grasslands and wide-open savannahs, the Masai Mara is the kind of unfettered, sprawling wilderness you thought only existed on Hollywood film sets. But it’s real and out there: experience Kenya’s finest wildlife reserve on a Masai Mara safari holiday – where the land pulses with raw energy and a dazzling array of animals takes centre stage.

Seasoned safari travellers, travel writers, documentary makers and researchers often admit that the Masai Mara is one of their favourite places. So why is that? Perhaps it is because of the ‘big skies’, the open savannahs, the romance of films like ‘Out of Africa’ and certainly because of the annual wildebeest migration, the density of game, the variety of birdlife and the chance of a hot air balloon ride.

And as for actually getting out there, we have a huge range of Masai Mara safari packages ranging from short, intensive tours to much longer itineraries that include other great wildlife destinations. In fact, we’ve got a Masai Mara safari holiday for every taste and need: It’s important to remember that the Mara River is a permanent water source for the area’s animals and so even when the very last wildebeest has tardily set off for the southern Serengeti, massive resident herds remain, together with other herbivores like waterbuck, impala, buffalo to name but a few. Offering visitors everything they could want to see on an African safari.

Thus, a Mara holiday or for those looking to experience the annual wildebeest migration, a mara river crossing provides a year-round safari experience that will live in your memory long after the dust of Africa has settled.